Bad Adventurers Guild

The Road So Far

Whatever the reason, you’ve found your way to the port city of Alistarn on the island nation of Brekton.

When you first arrived, you were advised by the city watch that the best way to acclimate to the city and make money was to join the local adventurers guild, called simply Alistarn Adventurers Guild.

You were assigned to a group of adventurers, but for whatever reason, you found yourself unable to meet the requirements of your group or to get along with its members. Maybe you took too much loot, maybe you were bad in battle. It doesn’t matter.

The guild has had enough of you. They have decided to give you one more chance, sending you out with a group of other troublemakers and one seasoned veteran. This is your last chance to prove yourself.

Be in the guild hall the morning of the 15th or leave the guild forever.


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